Next Meeting July 9th 2022

At WMQFA Cedarburg

Please join us on July 9th at 10:00 a.m. for our July meeting. We will have a business meeting to plan for 2023 and beyond. Think about what you would like to learn and who might be able to share about it. Then we will segue to our first-ever…tabletop garage sale!

You may bring anything quilt related that you would like to sell. The catch is…it must fit in the space in front of you on the table! Please bring your own envelope of change, etc. If you want to donate to WQSG, great! Otherwise you can go home with the feeling of having done something good by downsizing. Until you look at all the goodies you couldn’t pass up!

I will have details about the fall retreat, among other things.

Please bring a sack lunch and beverage. The Museum is located at N50W5050 Portland Rd, Cedarburg. Hope to see you there!

On-Line Resources are Amazing!

Here’s a weird one for you. Consensus is that is is probably Pennsylvania, a creative adaptation of old blocks!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since we all entered into the world of COVID. It certainly has changed the quilting landscape. One good development has been the adaptation of many forms of communication to help us get out of our homes, virtually.

Yesterday I attended a wonderful presentation by Leah Zieber. She focused on the fabrics included in one quilt in her collection, a pieced hexagon quilt ca. 1825. Leah did a terrific job of breaking the components into subsets such as indigo, green, yellow, and white. She showed many examples of each, augmenting the fabrics in her piece with images of antique swatch books she was able to view on a research trip to England.

At the same time, the Six Know It Alls were busy presenting at QuiltCon! If I hadn’t already been booked, I would have been sure to tune in for their presentation on Historic Modernism. From others’ comments, I think they focused on antique examples of trends and techniques popular in the Modern Quilt arena.

What does this have to do with WQSG? I realize some of you do not have much on-line capability. However, many of us do, and I think we need to get with the program and use what’s available. I will also try hard to notify you all of upcoming events of interest. One of those is the AQSG Virtual Seminar coming up this next weekend. Please go to the AQSG site to check out the offerings. You won’t regret it.

I would like to propose a Zoom WQSG meeting in March in lieu of our in person meeting. I’m proposing Thursday evening March 11th at 7 p.m. I will set up the meeting and will email you the link by March 15th. Let’s each bring ONE item for show and tell. I don’t have a time limit on my Zoom meetings so we can enjoy the freedom to chat and catch up.

If you’d like to participate, please use the contact link or email and let me know. Hope to see you in March!

July Meeting at WMQFA

WQSG Meeting Saturday, July 11th, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber ArtsN50 W 5050 Portland Rd, Cedarburg WI 53012262.546.0300
Bonnie Jensen will speak about repairs and conservation of antique quilts. Please bring your own lunch, beverage and mask. Please limit yourself to one item for show and share. We will be following social distancing recommendations while in the Museum building.

Happy Holidays!


A note of holiday cheer from Wisconsin Quilt Study Group! Have you been enjoying the fabulous display of red and green quilts on Quilts Vintage and Antique FB page? It’s amazing what some of our friends have stored away. I found the single block pictured above at an antique mall in Janesville. I love the folky shapes and wonder what the maker had in mind when she was composing her design.

We have had a good year…Sandy’s great presentation on Mountain Mist quilts in March, Sylvia’s fascinating look at the evolution of the sewing machine in July, and our retreat with Sharon Pinka in November. We have a new website, new treasurer Cathy Glover (and our own separate account) and a full meeting schedule for 2019. We are already planning for 2020.

I recently attended a meeting of Northern Illinois Quilt Study Group. We met at the off-site storage facility of a local historical society which owns a substantial number of quilts. As a group, we unrolled, photographed, and replaced the acid-free tissue wrappers before returning the quilts to storage. It was very interesting. If you know of any facilities in WI that might need this kind of work and that would be willing to have WQSG do it, let’s think about it! Contact me and let’s see what we can arrange!

Your quilting friend,

Allison Rainboth

Because Every Quilt Tells a Story

Wisconsin Quilt Study Group is an association of quilt enthusiasts which meets 3 times per year. We are a regional branch of American Quilt Study Group, the national organization which fosters the serious academic study of quilts and quilt history.

Our mission is to provide hands-on educational opportunities for both novices and experienced quilt historians to closely examine and discuss quilts, quilt history, fabrics and techniques.

Dues are $10 per year. You are welcome to attend your first meeting as our guest. At your first meeting, we will add your name to the email list. The treasurer will contact everyone when dues should be paid. We use dues to offset fees charged at some meeting places, to make donations (approved by the group), and to cover miscellaneous expenses.

In this new era of COVID, we are experimenting with meeting on line. If you’d like to be added to the email list, please contact us using the contact page. You will receive the email with the link for the meeting.