At WMQFA Cedarburg

Please join us on July 9th at 10:00 a.m. for our July meeting. We will have a business meeting to plan for 2023 and beyond. Think about what you would like to learn and who might be able to share about it. Then we will segue to our first-ever…tabletop garage sale!

You may bring anything quilt related that you would like to sell. The catch is…it must fit in the space in front of you on the table! Please bring your own envelope of change, etc. If you want to donate to WQSG, great! Otherwise you can go home with the feeling of having done something good by downsizing. Until you look at all the goodies you couldn’t pass up!

I will have details about the fall retreat, among other things.

Please bring a sack lunch and beverage. The Museum is located at N50W5050 Portland Rd, Cedarburg. Hope to see you there!

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