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July 15, 2017
Where:  WMQFA (Cedarburg)
Presenter:  Nancy Smith/Jayne Steffens
Topic:  Green


March 18, 2017
Where:  Oshkosh Public Library, 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Coordinator:  Allison Rainboth
Presenter:  Allison Rainboth
Topic:  Temperance Quilts

July 13, 2013
Topic:  Doll Quilts
Presenter:  Nancy Kunst Smith
Coordinator:  Kay Walters

April 13, 2013
Topic:  Amish Quilts
Presenter:  Linda Honsberger
Coordinator:  Jayne Steffens

November 10, 2012;  Salem Public Library
Topic:  Embellishments
Presenter:  Sandy Schweitzer
Coordinator(s):  Sandy Schweitzer

July 14, 2012; WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts
Topic:  Mary Koval Collection
Presenter:  Carol Butzke
Coordinator(s):  Kay Walters

March 10, 2012; Madison Historical Museum
Topic:  Ruby Short McKim
Presenter:  Jeanette Dwyer
Coordinator:  Jayne Steffens and Nancy Smith

November 12, 2011; New Berlin Public Library
Topic: Reds
Presenter: Jayne Steffens
Coordinator: Jayne Steffens

July 9, 2011; The Woolen Mill
Topic: Plaids
Presenter: Donna Wisnoski
Coordinators: Maribeth Schmit and Kay Walters

March 12, 2011, Attic Angels, Madison, WI
Topic: Civil War Quilts
Presenter: Nancy Kunst Smith
Coordinator: Nancy Kunst Smith

November 13, 2010, Sherri Branson's home, Belvidere, IL
Topic: Borders and Edge Finishes
Presenter: Sherri Branson
Coordinator: Sherri Branson

July 10, 2010; Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI
Subject/Field Trip: Winterthur Quilt Exhibit
Coordinator: Sandy Schweitzer

March 13, 2010, Milton House, Milton, WI
Topic:  Greens
Presenters:  Jayne Steffens & Nancy Kunst Smith
Coordinators:  Maretta Miller & Beth Norton

November 14, 2009; Attic Angels, Madison, WI
Subject:  Indigos
Presenter:  Sherry Branson
Coordinator:  Jayne Steffens

February 21th, 2009 & July 25, 2009; Wausau, WI & Union, IL
Subject: Madder Dyes
Presenter:  Nancy Kunst Smith & Susan Bulawa

May 10th, 2008; Cedarburg, WI
Subject: Blue/White Quilts
Presenter:  Nancy Kunst Smith   Sylvia Adair

February 9th, 2008; Hoard Museum, Fort Atkinson, WI;
Subject: Nine-Patch Quilts
Presenter:  Jayne Steffens & Sandy Schweitzer

November 3rd, 2007; Mineral Point, WI;
Subject: Cheater Cloth/Silk
Presenter: Don & Joey Mahieu

August 18th, 2007; WI Quilt History Museum, Cedarburg, WI
Subject: Yellow and Documentations
Presenter: Nancy Kunst Smith

May 19th, 2007;  Meeting Cancelled

Feb , 2007

November 18th, 2006; Laurie Magee's home, Oshkosh, WI;

August 19th, 2006; The Quilt Workshop, Wausau, WI;
Subject: Crazy Quilts

May 13th, 2006; Salem Public Library, Salem, WI;
Subject: Feed Sacks & Quilts
Presenter: Liz Lois

January 14th, 2006; Cedarburg Woolen Mill, Cedarburg, WI
Subject: Signature Quilts

October 1st, 2005; Racine, WI
Subject: Mosaic Quilts

First Meeting, July 9th 2005, Salem Public Library, Salem, WI
Subject: Double Wedding Rings
Presenter:  Liz Lois & Nancy Kunst Smith

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